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Our Mission

At 18TH BLOOM Events Styling and Boutique, it is our Mission to build a trusting relationship with its clients. We are committed to providing a personalized quality of service that will meet the needs of all our customers. Our mission is trust and professionalism with a lasting relationship with both our clients and the community. We believe our clients need to be treated with utmost hospitality and deserve only nothing BUT the BEST!

Our Vision

We value professionalism and open communication to our clients and will do our paramount best to meet their needs. We understand the significance of their time and we are committed to finding only the best event styling service and amazing merchandise for our customers. Our goal is to have a long lasting relationship with our clients while creating a priceless experience and lasting memory.

Our children are the most treasured gift and they are ours only for a fleeting moment, it seems. From darling children, they progress to adulthood and begin lives of their own.

At 18th BLOOM Events Styling, we celebrate that blossoming into grown young ladies by putting together an event that you and your family will hold in their hearts forever. Whether making their Debut at age 18, or celebrating a Sweet Sixteen or Quinceañera, we will make this a “NIGHT TO REMEMBER”!

18th Bloom is designed to cater a Debutante with her own hand-picked entourage of 18 guests who are dear to her. A typical ceremony begins with a Grand Entrance of the Debutante and later performs the Cotillon De Honor, usually a waltz. An “18 Roses Dance” is also performed in which 18 males, of the debutante’s choice, dance with her after presenting her with a single red rose. This dance concludes with her father presenting the 18th rose, culminating with a beautiful and touching “Father and Daughter” dance. Just Imagine the memories created when your daughter has her grand “Father and Daughter Dance” on this exceptional day. IT IS A PRICELESS MOMENT!

The Debutante also has 18 candles, presented by her closest female friends and while candles are lit, each delivering a short speech about her relationship with your daughter, depending on your style selection, there are other “18” rituals, such as “18 Treasures”, in which 18 individuals present the debutante with a gift.

This is an extravagant celebration of the love for your child, reaching this milestone in her life. Our events specialists can also custom style “SWEET 16” and “QUINCEAÑERA” celebrations that are equally spectacular.

18th BLOOM will take all the styling off your hands while we make this as one of the most memorable and loving events in the life of your most precious gift, YOUR DAUGHTER.

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