Bloom Buck$ – Loyalty Program


How It Works


The Bloom Buck$ Loyalty Program is free to join and is a great way to rack up points toward future purchases! Bloom Buck$ are based on a points system where for every $1 spent, 1 point is added to your account. After reaching up to $500 worth of purchases, 500 points become available to be used towards a future purchase. 


After reaching the following number of points, customers are eligible for the following rewards on items priced at or above $500 only. 


500 points = 5% off


1000 points = 10% off


2000 points = 15% off


4000 points = 20% off



Do points expire?

  • No. Bloom Buck$ do not expire.


How do I keep track of my points?

  • Our system automatically keeps track of your points with each purchase you make. Once you reach 500 points or more, they’ll be available at check out. 


If I make a purchase of at least $500, does that automatically qualify me for 5% off my purchase?

  • No. Our Bloom Buck$ are designed for loyalty customers, so the 5% off reward will be applied to any future purchase of $500 or more.